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    Yancheng Honzo Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
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    • bus washing machine
    • Moved and Gantry bus washing machine


      2.product useful

      HZ-B300L custom  automatic  computer washing machine is mainly used for the cleaning of the container truck . According to the requirements of customers, we can supply the tire washing machine,dryer system and water recycle system.

      3.working principle

      The principle of washing container truck does not move, and the machine moves by the machine itself, by spraying high-pressure water and cleaning liquid and three nylon brushes of vehicles and super soft foam surface profile for all-round cleaning, the whole process by computer automatic control and power washing brush pressure working condition, in order to achieve the car wash work steps.

      4. Product features

      1).The machine has five automatic functions:

      1.1).The traction system of automatic walking, automatic return, automatic stop control system;

      1.2).Two sides brush automatic opening and contraction, positive and negative automatic switching control system;

      1.3).One top brush automatic control, it can return right and left automatic ;

      1.4).The sprinkler system automatic spraying high pressure water and cleaning liquid;

      1.5).fault alarm, automatic shutdown control system.

      2).The machine chooses  double combination with three brushes and high pressure water automatic washing form.

      3).The electric control system uses the high performance frequency conversion speed regulator, the programmable controller to the equipment operation condition, the craft parameter carries on the on-line detection and the control, has realized the machine, the electricity, the instrument integration control.

      4).The main parts of the machine selection of domestic famous products, the key components of international imports, to ensure the performance and reliability of the whole machine.

      5.The main technical parameters

      1).machine size: 2150x4960x5300 mm (L x W x H)

      2).cleaning container truck maximum size: 12000x2600x4200mm (L x W x H)

      3).the length of the guide rail: 20m

      4).the average water consumption: 200-350Lvehicle

      5).cleaning time: 6-8min/vehicle

            6).total installed capacity: 1.5kW

      7).voltage: 380V/50Hz, 3PH five wires

      8).the machine net weight T:3.5

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